Monthly Archives: April 2007

Announced, causing spontaneous tingling in my medulla oblongata….Thank you Beyond Robson for perking my ears.

Music Waste Festival 2007 – June 7th to 10th – 40 Bands, 4 Venues!! jambox_by_wavinggirl.jpg

“Music Waste has established itself in Vancouver as a kind of a grass-roots new music underground. This year we’ve got a lineup of 40 bands around town (many of which are actually local!), showing off what they got, in the span of only a few days: June 7 to 10. A few facts to know about this fest if you’re a music-goer, are: First, as per last year, you “should” be able to walk there, as all the venues will likely be relatively walking distance to each other, this is awesome.”

How exciting – a frugal marriage of exploratory local sounds, medially distanced to allow my little feet to showcase some sexy shoe without rendering me quiescent for days after…these events call for maximum heels.

“Second, it is a time and a place to see alot of underground music that represents Vancouver’s diverse musical energy, some of it unfamilliar to many. And third, it’s affordable, in that most shows shall be had for about Five Bucks, which is “keeping it cheap” as MW’s website boasts. BUT, if you belong to a band, or if know anyone who does, and think y’all are interesting and are interested in performing, I say two words: “Hurry Up!”. Once again, submission deadlines are May 1st, which is the Tuesday, next week.”

Music renders me amatory, I have tiny thrills thinking about the assault of sound, the arrival of June seems to imply audio-amorous play. *purrrr*



I have never remained in a single apartment unit for more then a year. Odd. And I’ve never really thought about it until now ~ this move. I – can’t – wait – for – this – move. I don’t even have a place yet but I’m ready to move into my new habitat and claim it, as a new, exclusively personal environment. No roomies. No boyfriend. No family. No pets.

I’ve only ever had 4 places of my own and I remember each of them with fondness. I believe, if memory serves me, that I’ve shared at least 14 other dwellings in my transient spells, I’ve lived with 4 boyfriends, I’ve had 11 roommates. Let’s not discount when I lived at home (the commune), with my Mom, sister, Mom’s friends + their kids, Mom’s boyfriends & now husband, multiple dogs, numerous cats, 2 birds, 1 turtle, fishies, and the 2 hermit crabs we owned once….it’s no wonder I’m mercurial.

My inner decorator is aroused, I’m juiced to embellish, to bedeck, array and express. Create contrast through positioning large gilded art next to simplified nondescript discarded oddities. Loud, chromatic fabrics spilling onto quotidian movables. No compromise, no bending to another’s wants ~ my declaration of freedom defined by paint.

I have a nerd book. It’s a book of collected ideas. Torn from a plethora of magazines, books, photos, and websites. It’s the ultimate mix mash of dilettantish ingenuity. In the nest of my mind it’s the collective environment I imagine would cause soundless delight to all who tread through its halls, sit on its cushions, lean on its surfaces.

I have plans. I will have time. I will have me. And I will have a home.


Sorry if I worried anyone with my last poem, I feel entitled to express my rage here like Naomi Campbell does with her cell phone against her assistant’s heads. Nya mean? My method causes less bruising and is virtually lawsuit free, it’s a softer rage if you will. Gentle anger spit out in words, in a virtual plane of reality, ultimately to be forgotten within minutes. Since tossing my punches on this wall I’ve come into some lighter news!

With the out-heaval of my relationship and influx of new stress to swim in, I’ve somehow managed to:
– find some apartments to look at that I’m very excited about
– find solace in my wonderful friends who rally around me shooting happy bullets at potential oppression
– find continuous distraction through my work, which grows exponentially daily as we approach the Olympics
– find newfound confidence in the rebuilding and revitalizing of my new life
– find immense physical and mental strength to see me through the so-called hurdles

It’s not all muddied poo in the river Dung.

Back to the land of smiley-snax and tasty bitz ~ the next item on the list of cheer is ROBOTS! Who doesn’t love a good Robot?? Their shiny façade, their blank stare, their willingness to please, their shiny metallic lustre! Robots make the future look like a fabulously fun land of clinks and beeps.

The acclaimed Czech playwright Karel Capek (1890-1938) made the first use of the word ‘robot’, from the Czech word for forced labor or serf. How sad to think that most robots are slaves to our whims and fancy? Wouldn’t it be fun to have robot friends? Think of the loyalty, the hours of soulful interaction with something that has no soul…interesting indeed.

Ever seen the 1927 cult classic ‘Metropolis’? You should. I think I’ll build my next boyfriend out of old hair crimpers.

That is all. *whhhrrrr*