Gleeful the Good Witch

So enough with the pensive-chats for a minute, I need a dose of big happies. Here’s to the things in my life that cause delusional giddiness ~ 
Jeremy the Bear 
and Lemondrop Martinis of course


Jeremy the Bear and I were introduced when I was about 4yrs old. Created by Olga Pouchine in the 1950’s, Jeremy was originally a character in French children’s books. Before hitting the television circuit, Jeremy had a brief celebrity as a recording artist and released 2 albums.

Once on the air, the television show became so popular, it was transitioned into an English show shortly after debuting. As a result, Jeremy is the bear’s English name, but he is also known as Colargol to the French (what the…??), & to the Norwegians, Barnaby.

Jeremy the bear lived with his parents in Greenwood Forest, while the French Colargol lived in la forêt de Bois Joli (Pretty Wood Forest), and in Norway, Eventyrskogen (Fairytale Forest). The stories were instantly identifiable, touching on universal themes seen in other great children’s stories. Jeremy’s adventures always took him far from home, but happily for him, he always managed to return. 

Jeremy was a bear who could not sing. It was his plight. I cannot sing either, Jeremy became my instant childhood friend. Do you remember Jeremy too? The occasional walk down childhood cookie-crumb lane is good for ya.

  1. Have you heard the Ian Dury song “Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 2” ? He does just what you’ve done, in song. What a lovely list. Now Jeremy the Bear is a friend to all of us. He is very cute, in that kinda ugly way, one just feels compelled to care for him, because the other bears probably call him names.

    What a lovely list.

  2. thelemonspank said:

    I haven’t heard the song but now must scrabble away to download it, my ears are stirring already! Thank you for the thoughts.

  3. Actually I think it’s “Part 3”, the one I’m familiar with anyway. This is a nice site.

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