Beware the ides of Eostre!

Once upon a time, 3000 years ago there lived a fertility goddess named Eostre. Happy in her role as a goddess, she taught the people how to whore it up & make babies.

Now you must realize that even though this was a long, long, time ago ~ people still had a sense of humour, and so Eostre’s symbol was the bunny. *F* like bunnies, get it? HA! (pagan humour, so passé).

Anyhoo, eventually the Christians came along & declared the Eostre spring festival null, while transitioning it nicely into their own celebration, The Feast of Passover, and voila!

We are transported back to today ~ Easter ~ where we celebrate bunnies, big feast-like turkey dinners, Jeebus, chocolate and fornication.

Ta-da! The lesson to be learned from this is to mind your whoring…or the followers of Jeebus will transform you into a globally recognized holiday celebrated for thousands of years by the young & old alike. Ya-hear?

Hope you have enjoyed this tale from the past,

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