Since upping my training regime for the marathon ~ and because of predestined beach time in a bikini (YAY!), I’ve been noticing lately that I’m starving!! So hungry!! For years I’ve been eating pretty healthy, organic, mostly vegan, clean proteins ~ no red meat, little junk food, whole grains, yada-yada.

Now, taking on the 6-7 day running vs. weight training routine which gets supplemented by yoga and abdominal training, my daily intake just isn’t cutting it! By 3pm I’m hankering for snacks, sugary or salty, crunchy or creamy, anything to shovel in to my edacious maw.


Guess it’s time I revamp my intake to match my output, I’m burning lots of calories and as I get stronger, my muscles need more nosh. Now in past, when feeling hunger, I’ve always supplemented with more fruits/veggies ~ but folks, I can’t possibly eat more produce then I already do in a day! I need to start looking beyond the harvest, the nuts, the yogurt ~ maybe a bagel w/P.B.??

I have this old / awkward fear of snacking, as so many snack foods are usually not the best for you. I’ve drilled it into my brain for so many years it’s going to be a really difficult habit to change. So ~ if anyone would like to toss me some snack-gems I’d be happy to hear what you have to suggest!

Insatiably yours,

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