I know you hear me stabbing the keyboard like a knife
Do you see the bloody spatters in the words I type
Can you feel the cut, the slice, the remorse
All side dishes in our cold main course
But no, don’t look, acknowledging me
You might feel regret, pain, or sorry
Better go hide, go watch something lewd
In the end I’m gone
It’s all on you

  1. christy said:

    you alright lady?

    i hope so, big, BIG hugs!!

    oh and i want to see this new haircut in person…

  2. jorees said:

    Your poem is fluidly written Sarah. You have a unique ability to string together so many different words, images, and emotions through language. I also enjoy seeing the dramatic modern art images you choose to display on your blog. Where do you find such images are they your own art work?

    You are also brave to use your blog to communicate and comment on your personal life. Good for you! Life is a journey and self expression is not always pretty. However, often our darkest moments carry the most meaning. What we learn from them and how we transform is what life is all about.

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