I have never remained in a single apartment unit for more then a year. Odd. And I’ve never really thought about it until now ~ this move. I – can’t – wait – for – this – move. I don’t even have a place yet but I’m ready to move into my new habitat and claim it, as a new, exclusively personal environment. No roomies. No boyfriend. No family. No pets.

I’ve only ever had 4 places of my own and I remember each of them with fondness. I believe, if memory serves me, that I’ve shared at least 14 other dwellings in my transient spells, I’ve lived with 4 boyfriends, I’ve had 11 roommates. Let’s not discount when I lived at home (the commune), with my Mom, sister, Mom’s friends + their kids, Mom’s boyfriends & now husband, multiple dogs, numerous cats, 2 birds, 1 turtle, fishies, and the 2 hermit crabs we owned once….it’s no wonder I’m mercurial.

My inner decorator is aroused, I’m juiced to embellish, to bedeck, array and express. Create contrast through positioning large gilded art next to simplified nondescript discarded oddities. Loud, chromatic fabrics spilling onto quotidian movables. No compromise, no bending to another’s wants ~ my declaration of freedom defined by paint.

I have a nerd book. It’s a book of collected ideas. Torn from a plethora of magazines, books, photos, and websites. It’s the ultimate mix mash of dilettantish ingenuity. In the nest of my mind it’s the collective environment I imagine would cause soundless delight to all who tread through its halls, sit on its cushions, lean on its surfaces.

I have plans. I will have time. I will have me. And I will have a home.

  1. jorees said:

    The photo of the bed in the green room looks beautiful Sarah. Is that your own bedroom or decor you admire?

    It is good to see that you have decided to live on your own- that is a very good choice. Needless to say it will be good to see how your living space, decor, and life evolve over the next few months. You should do a photo series to document it.

  2. Art not framed, but on the wall itself ~ must do!! MUST! How synchronistic after seeing your condo photos, the same paint palette was played on your acutal, and my virtual walls. Indeed.

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