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Since upping my training regime for the marathon ~ and because of predestined beach time in a bikini (YAY!), I’ve been noticing lately that I’m starving!! So hungry!! For years I’ve been eating pretty healthy, organic, mostly vegan, clean proteins ~ no red meat, little junk food, whole grains, yada-yada.

Now, taking on the 6-7 day running vs. weight training routine which gets supplemented by yoga and abdominal training, my daily intake just isn’t cutting it! By 3pm I’m hankering for snacks, sugary or salty, crunchy or creamy, anything to shovel in to my edacious maw.


Guess it’s time I revamp my intake to match my output, I’m burning lots of calories and as I get stronger, my muscles need more nosh. Now in past, when feeling hunger, I’ve always supplemented with more fruits/veggies ~ but folks, I can’t possibly eat more produce then I already do in a day! I need to start looking beyond the harvest, the nuts, the yogurt ~ maybe a bagel w/P.B.??

I have this old / awkward fear of snacking, as so many snack foods are usually not the best for you. I’ve drilled it into my brain for so many years it’s going to be a really difficult habit to change. So ~ if anyone would like to toss me some snack-gems I’d be happy to hear what you have to suggest!

Insatiably yours,


OK, so it’s earth day today, and all I’ve been hearing about the last month is ‘green’. Wonderful, fabulous, I am totally happy about this. But some of the tips magazines, TV shows, etc. are giving are really freaking me out. Not because they are so radical or super hard to do, but rather because they are sooooo obvious, and it makes me really wonder “are these really new tips for people? Are people really so unaware?” “Recycle glass, paper and tin”. Um, yeah. Duh.”Clean out the lint catcher in your dryer after each load”. Of course, what do you want to start a fire or something!!! I made a skirt out of recycled Bounce dryer sheets, it’s the coolest damn thing ever.

“Use cold water to wash your clothes”. Of course, that’s what cold water detergent is for.

“Take shorter showers”. Seems a bit obvious.

“Plants in the house make for cleaner air”. Yes, it’s called ‘nature’.

“Turn off the lights when you leave a room”. What, do these people not have parents?! I thought this was nailed into our heads at about age 14.– Don’t take a receipt at the ATM unless you REALLY need to know your balance.

– Bring your own travel mug if you’re one of those people who picks up a coffee every morning, most coffee shops will fill it for you, and Starbucks will give you a 10cent discount. If the person won’t fill up your cup, their loss, no more business for them.

OK and now some other green tips that we all know we should do, but maybe we need a little reminder:

But all joking aside, I have heard about some other tips that I thought were useful, but not necessarily something you think of:

– Switch as many lights in your house as possible to CFLs (compact flourescents) There are soooo many options out there nowadays, there isn’t really much of an excuse not to.

– Use natural cleaners, or even no cleaners at all. When you’re cleaning glass, all you need is water and one of those awesome microfibre cloths and you will SOOOOO not get streaks. You can pick up those cloths at the dollar store. Remember,”clean” is not lemon scented. A small mixture of vinegar and water is enviro friendly, cleans incredibly well + is safe for cleaning your fish tank (if you have one).

– Try to take public transport whenever possible, or now that the weather’s nice pull out your bike, your runners, roller-blades, whatever you flavour may be. Get some exercise, enjoy the sun.

– Try to remember your tote bags to haul groceries. And if you’re thinking of throwing out plastic bags, don’t! Give them to your friends who have dogs (to pick up doggy biznezz), drop off extra plastic bags at libraries, shelters, and food donation sites.

– Remember that Reduce and Reuse come before Recycle: Try to buy items with less packaging, and when possible reuse whatever you can. This of course includes clothing, so drop off your unwanted stuff at a second hand store, or organize a clothing swap. Same goes for furniture. Who throws their clothing in the garbage anyways?! The only clothing I’ve ever thrown out in my life is old socks and undies.

In terms of reducing clothing consumption…um, that’s a hard one. I’m going to work on reducing packaging.

– Support local industry. A lot of $$ and wasted energy goes into transport of goods, so buy local produce when possible or pick up a shirt from a local designer.

– Lastly (and this should be incredibly obvious) Don’t litter!!!!! Do you enjoy living in a garbage pile? The only garbage pile I want to live next to is the one from Fraggle Rock, and this is nothing like that, so enough already!! And using the planters as garbage cans, enough of that too. As of right now, I’m starting to yell at litterbugs, so watch out. Tyson’s been reaming people out full force for awhile now, time to join him.

Some of the tips that I’ve been hearing that I find shocking are:

“Don’t run the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth” – I believe this was something I learned at about age 3…from my mom.

{ Hira Ratan Manek claims that since 1995 he has lived many days solely on sunlight and water. Sun gazing is the practice of staring directly at the sun to receive “nourishment” from it.  
The practice is controversial since some believe that looking directly at the sun for even brief periods of time may cause blindness or severe damage to the eye. Most eye care professionals advise against looking directly at the sun.
“Sun gazing is a relaxed look at the sun just as we see sunrise and sunset,” Manek said. “It gives all benefits for health. Those who practice sun gazing get total health of mind, body and spirit without any cost … but only at safe times of the sun.”
Sun gazing is often practiced with the bare feet in direct contact with bare earth. Some sun gazers only sun gaze during the so-called safe hours, one half hour after sunrise and one half hour before sunset, while others feel that sun gazing can be done at other times of the day.
Manek, 69, from Bodhavad, India, has studied sun gazing for several years and claims that since June 1995 he has lived only on sun energy and water. Occasionally for hospitality and social purposes he drinks tea, coffee and buttermilk. 

According to Manek and other proponents, sun gazing was practiced by a number of cultures including the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Mayans and Native American tribes as well as practitioners of Indian and Tibetan Yoga. 
When asked how depriving the body of food would lead to adverse effects, Manek said the human body requires energy and that the sun is capable of providing the body with all the energy it needs to function. 
“What we traditionally eat is nothing but a secondary source of sun energy,” he said. “But the body has a mechanism to receive energy directly from the sun and store it to use as it requires.”
Some positive results reported by sun gazers are increased energy level and decreased appetite.

Such an odd article to bumble upon while perusing the web for new methods of meditation. Peculiar in its familiarity, truth is, I’ve always found tremendous peace, newfound energy, and an almost stop-motion effect on time when absent mindedly relaxing in the sun. Likening myself to our flora brethren, I imagine the sun nourishing my open pores, my skin a unified aperture, drinking rays. My umbra satiated, there is no better medicine for a colour drained spirit.