Monthly Archives: May 2007

So maybe in the last month I’ve been a little…


So maybe I’m looking forward to the move. so maybe i’m kind of nervous too. so maybe being single isn’t my forté. so maybe I’ll have to try hard not to be lonely. so maybe I’ll come out of my little woven threads – & paint stained – art shell. so maybe i have plans to try to. so maybe this isn’t the deepest posting – or my best written form, but maybe i’m kind of tired.



…require sunglasses.   
last night I went to a Bellini party in a penthouse, downtown, with about 40 others. it was fantastic, the music was awesome, there was a mix of friends from
Ottawa and Van, I made quite a few new amies….and of course, true to the Bellini, drank my fair share of these fruity potions.

 odd fact: the majority of femmes at the party were named either Sarah or Michelle. we all hit it off immediately because we all shared the names.   
waking today, askew, hiding behind plastic lenses, slim protection from the
solar healing.   
current mood
: reminiscent.


Tiny happy summertime purchases have been made – masking my peepers behind their tinted windows. Polishing your outfit, ever so slightly, hiding the truth in your eyes – sunglasses announce character before any character is exposed.