I go into it

20060408_01_2a0011.gifsaying I won’t be anyone’s ‘carpet’ anymore. No more walking on me ~ to any of you. And what happens? Well I said it.

Whatever. You know who you are. You know I tried. I listened. I absorbed your blows. I’m out. I deserve more and now? I believe it. Go fuck yourself.

  1. jorees said:

    Hi Sarah,

    This is a pretty explosive post. Well done for expressing your feelings so boldly through your writing. You a definitely not a doormat, anyone who would think so obviously is very out of touch with reality and has no idea of who you are. Good for you for saying strong and not taking no bullsh-t from arogant power players.

  2. jorees said:

    You are definitely not a doormat! to correct my dyslexic grammar…

    Over the years I’ve noticed that people tend to say or do mean things for two main reasons: power and insecurity. Often people can say or do the meanest things and the underlying intent may having nothing really to do with you. They were just being immature, are not that self aware, and are often sub-consciously repeating the same hurts of their childhood.

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