Monthly Archives: June 2007


*Thrusting the steel blade in between the sinewy webbing!*

Anfractuously laying ruin and surrendering exquisite horror,

Your evasiveness will only serve to incite my intensity,

Little chicken breast – I will devour you!!


You tried to fool us, lithe summer season of rain.

You tried to pass by, carrying spring on your shoulders, occasionally lifting your skirt, allowing the light and warmth to breathe.

Recreant effete, disconsulate whimsy.




Nuzzle, rub, coddle, snuggle, purrr

Enfolding your impetuosity I slay the intent

My intention ignited, my path true

Distraction aside, peregrination steadfast

Breakfasting on the calumny

Thank you for the comestible bread


Gallerie, mes amies ~

Votre soutien a été le plus apprécié

Je vous remercie interminablement, je vous aime, je suis honoré par vous

Mon esprit est robuste à cause de vous, j’ai ma force parce que vous me l’avez donné

Mes merci éternal et vous aime tout.