Across the great divide…over yonder hill, she dwells.

“…This amazing art installation was made by Colombian sculptor Doris Salcedo for the International Instanbul Biennale in 2003. She used over 1,550 chairs stacked on an empty lot between two buildings!” 

I have a feeling that Doris may have been channelling my recent moving experience!! How to fit ones life in boxes and pieces into a new dwelling, assembled, cleaned and functioning within 48hrs!!

My regrets for the lack of  blogging last week – my heart was here, my pens and keyboard were packed. All is done – there were no casualties (save for a few arachnids who deserved to be slain, relieving my intensified horror).

1 comment
  1. Mike Muehlherr said:

    hahaha, thats soooo ridiculous i wish i could see that in person:P good choice of words btw and more power to you destroying spiders hehe:P

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