flipper slap


we broke the historical rain record for the month of July today ~ there’s been 2 weeks of summer here this year, it’s enough to drive us all to the sea, slip out of this oxygen pourus, carbon riddled flesh & slime off into the mire. wouldn’t be any less wet or depressing now would it? and think, no more worrying about how pale you are, or if that new moisturizer really works.

what a wild weekend I just had. from utter work out exhaustion to the spa for a new colour (no worries anyone it’s very pretty), out for a bite & a glow from merlot, to a bump ‘n’ grind fest in a warehouse, 5am crashing, sleeping till 3pm, up and out again – house party to house party to Kitts lounge to Honey. nother’ late, 4am type medley of silly adventures.

I’m tired today. I wish it was sunny. Going running in it anyway, like a good little marathon’r.  (rrrrrrrrrr). brain dead.

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  1. globetrotteri said:

    Moan. Send the rain this way. We just hit a record high for heat. It’s the hottest it’s ever been in twenty one years. I think I’ll stay in and think about running.

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