Monthly Archives: August 2007

wearing his clothes.
so tired she’s rather foolish not to sleep.
but they smell of such comforts.
sometimes she’s certain.
that scent makes her drunk.
she’s got art on the mind.
and nowhere to paint.
the imagined canvas.
foresees colours and curves.
that remind her of.


how odd.
you, replacing her.
Saturday, she swears.
she saw a soul.
almost slide.
down the darkened.


how odd that she.
caught & brought it back.
and all she thought.
to do when done.
was call you.

the scales.
are tipping.
how odd.



Chimerical quality to flee, vanish, immaterialize

 Invited – abstained, he’ll live with absent mythical yen

Lacking virtual texture, will he subpoena himself to act? 

Irresolution prologue to unknown imagined eternities.


subjacent to her poise
adumbrated affections stir, froth, boil over
perplexed, she’s straining against
his sanguineness, affianced crushs
he has willed an impermeable film to blanket her
prognosticating the susbtratum
he cradles her diaphanous essentia
abiding her etiolated contrivance to run away
until willingly, she consummates their