Monthly Archives: October 2007




I flip this country off and flap wings to Dublin to run a marathon I’ve been busting my ass over for the last 11mos.


After the ‘thon I hit some Irish rockspots and leave rumours of my passing before I catch a bird to…?

Maybe Spain? Maybe Holland? Maybe France?

Maybe all the above?

Go sideways to knock wooden shoes and pass the Dutch baby?

En arrière en France, boire le vin?

Baile a España y consiga picante?

Choices. 3 days to figure it out!!

{Less than one day per country?}

Thriving on a diet of intercontinental stress.

Casading over the edge,
spilling soul salts into the baking dish
forming a pastry best served cold
to the unbreathing.
Palatable on the tongues of zombies
fresh from the warm oven of limbo
rewarmed to revive you.
But your inanimate palsy
is just out of reach
of my power filled hands
kneading … needing