laying back in the intermissionary position?




I flip this country off and flap wings to Dublin to run a marathon I’ve been busting my ass over for the last 11mos.


After the ‘thon I hit some Irish rockspots and leave rumours of my passing before I catch a bird to…?

Maybe Spain? Maybe Holland? Maybe France?

Maybe all the above?

Go sideways to knock wooden shoes and pass the Dutch baby?

En arrière en France, boire le vin?

Baile a España y consiga picante?

Choices. 3 days to figure it out!!

{Less than one day per country?}

Thriving on a diet of intercontinental stress.

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  1. globetrotteri said:

    What a decision you face! And how are you ever going to decide? To city hop or to roam the countryside? I say, rent yourself a little red convertible where ever you are, wrap a scarf around that gorgeous head of yours, don some Jackie O glasses and tour, tour, tour! Damn, wish I could be there with you. I extoll the virtues of a roadtrip.

    My personal pick would be Spain. Have fun signorita, and take lots of pretty photos for us. The luck of the Irish be with you.

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