Circadian Appetite – David Lynch does Louboutin



Now on view at the Galerie du Passage in Paris is a collaborative show of foot fetish artworks created by David Lynch and Christian Louboutin. The two men came together to create extreme footwear manufactured by Louboutin and photographed by Lynch. The objects include conjoined twin shoes, ballerina heels, and 10-inch stilettos.

The designer has an atelier where the one-of-a-kind shoes are created. With practicality and comfort out the window, Louboutin has pushed the designs to their limits: think 26cms heels, spikes on the inside and sole of the shoe, and Siamese heels (two shoes fused at the heel).

The idea is that the shoe becomes a cult object, transcending the most beautiful part of the shoe and/or foot. Louboutin pinpoints “The Siamese shoe” as his favourite, “For me the shoe and the picture together become very close to Twin Peaks.”


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  1. globetrotteri said:

    I love Louboutin but Ouch.

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