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Harmonious fauna
Whimsical figmentation
Attestation of verisimilitude
Luxuriate mia corpus
Proselytize elated sequitur
Moira serendipitous




I can tell you how.

Try diversifying your cellular portfolio, 
and accumulate double interest on your return practically overnight.

Free of charge. Not short of awe.

The world’s most spectacular sailing yacht, Maltese Falcon (EUR 115,000,000) is available for sale. It is a massive 88 meter length yacht, which has 2400 square meters. The five ultra opulent staterooms can entertain 12 guests and the open main deck has a main saloon, a cockpit, a nice dining area and 2 separate studio areas. It even has a protected bathing area.





Where: Chapel Arts (7$ at the door)
Start Time: Friday March 28th – 8pm
End Time: Saturday March 29th -1am
Street: 304 Dunlevy Avenue (see invite for map)
* There will be alcohol at this venue.

The basis for the show is figurative art as a process rather than a means to an end or final deliverable product. The idea behind this exhibit is transcendental figurative artwork – of nude figures – using a variety of creative mediums. The result is a sexy, imaginative, stimulating portrayal of the various subjects (models).

Headlining Band – Never Forget Anyone (NFE)

Ethereal stirrings of the finely tuned soul, ‘never forget anyone’ drives ahead with a unique sound that adds vocals, xylophone and violin to the post-rock palette. Their atmospheric blend of gorgeous arrangements is counterbalanced by heavyweight drumming and unique progressions and changes that make each song a memorable experience. With their premiere EP to be released in summer of 08′, ‘never forget anyone’ is on a progressive path to recognition.

never forget anyone is: Braden Jones, Faye Mallett, Sasha Uhlmann, Lindsay Cuff, Todd Lapp, Stefan Morales.

Some highlights of the exhibit/show:

– Figurative oil paintings/ Figurative Ink Drawings on
Canvas/Figurative Acrylic paintings/Figurative Pastel Drawings
– Airbrushed Body Art on a few of the Models
– Models for all the figurative work in the upper gallery will be present
– Video
– Live Music (Bex and NFE)