Chapel Arts Exhibit opening tonight


Where: Chapel Arts (7$ at the door)
Start Time: Friday March 28th – 8pm
End Time: Saturday March 29th -1am
Street: 304 Dunlevy Avenue (see invite for map)
* There will be alcohol at this venue.

The basis for the show is figurative art as a process rather than a means to an end or final deliverable product. The idea behind this exhibit is transcendental figurative artwork – of nude figures – using a variety of creative mediums. The result is a sexy, imaginative, stimulating portrayal of the various subjects (models).

Headlining Band – Never Forget Anyone (NFE)

Ethereal stirrings of the finely tuned soul, ‘never forget anyone’ drives ahead with a unique sound that adds vocals, xylophone and violin to the post-rock palette. Their atmospheric blend of gorgeous arrangements is counterbalanced by heavyweight drumming and unique progressions and changes that make each song a memorable experience. With their premiere EP to be released in summer of 08′, ‘never forget anyone’ is on a progressive path to recognition.

never forget anyone is: Braden Jones, Faye Mallett, Sasha Uhlmann, Lindsay Cuff, Todd Lapp, Stefan Morales.

Some highlights of the exhibit/show:

– Figurative oil paintings/ Figurative Ink Drawings on
Canvas/Figurative Acrylic paintings/Figurative Pastel Drawings
– Airbrushed Body Art on a few of the Models
– Models for all the figurative work in the upper gallery will be present
– Video
– Live Music (Bex and NFE)  

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