what the b**p? ~ the Mimi episode

Mariah Carey has been busted copping my STEEZ!!!!

Picture 1, Me at Marco’s work party, November ’07 (disregard my ‘oh dahling’ hand pose & note – this dress has a low back, I am wearing it properly!!) ~



Picture 2, Mariah the thiefette in London LAST NIGHT – wearing the low back in the front to draw your attention to…? Gee, that’s a classier choice Mimi ~

Back off Mimi, I rock the original. Hire a stylist already.

And P.S. ~ I didn’t have to hide my legs under stockings either Mariah. Now who’s on fire?

  1. jenny jen said:

    too funny!!! you look so much better wearing it the right way. as if she’s wearing it backwards. what a hoe.

  2. jin said:

    AND you’re staring the camera down face-on while she resorted to the slimming 1/4 angle and hip cock, peshaw!

  3. globetrotteri said:

    You put Mariah to shame. Like I expect anything less!

  4. antithesisphotography said:

    ok, you make me laugh lover lady!

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