there-be an option!

Admittedly, I am a nail polish addict.

There have been VERY few moments in my life where I’ve gone without smashing colours on my tips ~ fingers & toes. I own 25 different shades……..I’ve been feeling naked and tested since finding out I was pregnant and going without my screaming emerald or midnight purple tones.

Along comes google and to my delight, a particular product I have several shades in already

~ Zoya ~

is the leading professional manufacturer of Toluene Formaldehyde and DBP Free extra long wearing natural nail polish!!!!!!!!!!


Going without shellfish, hair dye, caffeine, perfume and alcohol is hard enough ~ thankfully the maker of Zoya felt the same frustration during her pregnancy and invented this deluxe line.

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  1. jenny jen said:

    isn’t zoya amazing?? love love it

    oh & there are brands of hairdye you CAN use; your stylist will know which are safe … & don’t let them bully you into giving up caffine – one a day is more than okay just don’t go crazy & keep it to a medium or small (if you’re going starbucks or timmy’s style)

    hearts to you my friend

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