oberservation of the observer

Lately I’ve been a creatively challenged blogger! Of the 312 posts to date, I’ve never been faced with such a lingering ‘block’…..but my life is changing too and I have so much to share ~ I’m struggling with keeping this blog abstractly artistic vs. very personal.

As some of you know, I’m pregnant. All I can think about is baby…everything’s switched and I’m simply not lingering in the dark wells from which most of my slick inspirations were drawn from.

I’m HAPPY, so damn happy all the time. I have a hard time writing when I’m happy…the darker side practically spouts words nonstop ~ this positivity-drip is a new plateau for me and I’m working on learning to channel it into some semblance of cool-fruits vs. sappy-o-craptacular.

I’m not about to become someone else, I’ll be momma-chic meets intuitive naughty intelligence, I have no fears of my identity switch. This is more of an extension in life’s experiences for me ~ I’m thrilled about this next jump off the mountain.

Care to join me as I float?


1 comment
  1. jindi vonfabulous said:

    float away in your womb of content, you deserve to revel in it.

    can you please teach me how?

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