How am I feeling these days? Bloated, fleshy, full, jiggly, chubby, excited, anxious, loving, sleepy, lazy and great J



Having slept all of mid-March to mid-April ~ literally, then terrorized my not-yet-hubby {the “nyhubby”} mid-April to mid-May, I finally seem to be balancing out. Hormones in check ~ Nubbin must have developed that helpful pituitary gland to relieve me (and Marco) of the hormone raging nasty I was feeling for a good time-chunk there. But we made it, through the slumbering & biochemistry warfare, to arrive here.


So what is here? Second trimester, my womb is filling with juicy baby goodness, doubling in size almost weekly, my brain is rather placid, I’m not even all that bored anymore. The asian food cravings have subsided (mostly), the replacement being all things chewy ~ gummy bears, swedish berries, sour peaches, gummy worms…


I’ve settled into a nice routine of work + nyhubby time + reading + spending time outside in the sun + seeing friends + pg-activities + taking lots of bubble baths. I’m nesting. I’m waiting for my 6-lb belly to pop out & look more like a baby bump. I’m anxious for the next ultrasound when we find out if Nubbin has an innie or outie. I’m counting down to November when we meet Nubbin.


I’m *gasp* chipper.


  1. Carrie said:

    That Barbie is a little disturbing. Hmm. It’s that big old hole in her tummy that freaks me out.

    On the other hand, it’s lovely to hear that you are back in tip-top shape and working order. I’m glad everything has leveled out for you. Munch away girl and feed wee Nubbin. Can’t wait to see Jo’s photos of you when she comes home next month!

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