Yess’m Im’a g’wong shappin

Six pounds of baby weight is nothing, in fact, the extra six pounds is kind of sexy-meow-prosh-num-nummies – but lady needs some new summer garb that will last as I grow this season with baby goodness. I’ve been so patient, tamed/leashed and caged that bitch, haven’t bought a gahddamn thing in 2mos.


Waiting-ever-waiting to see what happens with baby-belly, preg-bewbs and the rest of me (which is in stasis, ass-in-check, huzzah!). So you could say I’m materially starving ~
feed meeeeeeeeeeeee.


Empire cut tops & dresses + sweet shorts, skirts + funderthings + stretchy + jersey + lacy-lycra + cotton = not busting bank-wad on pieces I can’t keep when the baybay weight melts off in the new year. I’m’a g’wong strettchit this budgitch.


  1. thelemonspank said:

    Sadly, not much! I couldn’t dive right in yet, still feeling premature about buying bigger clothing…but belly’s popping no matter so I’ll just have to get over it 🙂

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