Monthly Archives: May 2008

Hope to look like:

Who wouldn’t want to look like this ~

Do I need to say anything?

Adorable ~


Terrified of looking like:

well, you know…

what the hell?

and of course…


Post-pregger, body goals (within one year anyway):

…And if they can do, so can I – no doubts.


Mommy Hero quote: “I’m just going to have the summer to be fat and happy”, Minnie Driver. 

Me too Minnie!!




It happened on Friday. Left work to find everyone outdoors was wearing……summer clothing!! It’s been 30 here, sunny, beautiful and so on with l’été. Not that I object but suddenly the last 2mos of pregnant lethargy has me watching that extra bounce in my reflection with mild horror. Sure we wandered around for 4hrs & saw people wearing short-shorts & shorter skirts & even shorter dresses who shouldn’t be…but I’ve got that first of the season fear of the bikini setting in with a vengeance! Gym time today followed by…gasp…..some time in the sun in that dreaded 2-piece.