Lilypad – Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees

The Lilypad is a project for the Climate Refugees – A Floating Ecopolis For Climate Refugees. It is a solution for the water rising, each floating cities designed to hold around 50,000 people. Lilypad travels on the water line of the oceans, from the equator to the poles following the marine streams warm ascending of the Gulf Stream or cold descending of the Labrador. And it is a a prototype of auto-sufficient amphibious city. It enables to live in the heart of the subaquatic depths. It also feature with green technologies(solar, wind, tidal, biomass), the double skin is made of polyester fibres covered by a layer of titanium dioxide (TiO2) like an anatase which by reacting to the ultraviolet rays enable to absorb the atmospheric pollution by photocatalytic effect.

  1. that’s! perfect project I wanna go there and live there I wanna know how big and beautiful they are.

  2. brian Messenger said:

    looks fantastic, like something out of a sci fi book. could very well be the way we go with the rising sea lvls. seens other similiar ideas of floating cities that can pull up stakes and move anywhere but none of them looked this good i especially like the under water section with viewing windows and such. imagine if you could create a artificial reef connected to it somehow as well that could go wherever the citie goes. could be used to help re establish other reefs around the world. food for thought.

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