In some laboratories, the conditions are no more dangerous than in any other room.

It finally happened. Seemingly overnight. The baby-making laboratory finally grew to resemble a pregnant lady’s distended belly! Five months and it finally happened. I tried to get dressed for work, couldn’t do up my pants or capris……7 pairs of them.


I’ve been extremely fortunate so far, I’m carrying low and internally so these past five months I haven’t looked pregnant. Now? There’s no mistaking it. A 6.5” baby-android is inside of that clandestine laboratory conducting biological experiments with DNA and quantum physics.


It’s time to invest in……elastic waistbanded stuff??? Eck. This will be a struggle.


Incidentally, I wear a 6.5 size shoe. I wonder if the baby-android will build Mommy a pair of Dior platform sparklies? Maybe I should eat more leather. And swarozki crystals…

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