It’s been a while

Since we last spoke about that all around family favourite………YES I DO MEAN BACON!

So what’s new & exciting from the pan-land of fine breakfast meat?

How about some Bacon-flavoured Jelly Beans (decoratively stored in a bacon-shaped collector’s tin):


As an après diner, clean your teeth with Bacon-flavoured dental floss:


After a good night’s sleep, awake to the fine taste of bacon in the morning, (while relaxing in bed), with the Wake n’Bacon ~ alarm clock and bacon cooker combo:




  1. jorees said:

    Wow the bacon flavoured floss….. Can’t taste good. Needless to say the smell of too much bacon in the morning would not make me want to wake up!

  2. thelemonspank said:

    I know, so disgusting it’s awesome!!! Wonder who really uses this stuff…

  3. Nice blog.I like this post.Keep up good work!

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