Jumping the rift

And so it went that the girl found out that a certain someone was reading her blog – daily – which basically prevented her from sharing too much personal information on her favourite medium for release. Suddenly, she had no privacy, in fact, any major life happening had to be coded or stifled because this certain someone was spying, analyzing, over and under assuming, commenting to her (unwontedly), sometimes even using her personal life as emotional ammo when suddenly attacking her because this certain someone was, well, sick in the head.


Happy events became bones of contention, exciting news slandered because she hadn’t shared it with the certain someone first, enough so that her blog changed drastically. Those closest to her, know this happened and have enthusiastically welcomed the challenge of cracking her coded fancies to share in her myriad dynasty, the certain someone never won any imagined victory.



Complaining or insulting someone over their creative expression about their personal life – when your opinion holds no relativity to HER decisions, nor was it welcomed – is rather pathetic. Inevitably it made the certain someone’s true feelings known ~ which sickened her to the very core. Those feelings are not shared, have NEVER been shared.


Thankfully she won’t have to deal with the certain someone for much longer and when their interactions come to a close, she’s going to damn well say whatever the hell she wants on HER blog about HER life and HER happiness; certain someone’s can solely, silently, selfishly, sulk. A countdown is happening.


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