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just one of many ways in which our prior beliefs, interests and expectations shape the way we perceive the world and cause us to overlook the obvious

a psi proponent reported a meta-analysis of [a class of telepathy experiments] with an average effect size that significantly differed from zero with odds of more than a trillion to one while another meta-analysis … concluded that the average effect size was consistent with zero.



This is so disturbing, had to share.

Last week, we told you that child abandonment was now legal in Nebraska. Under their new “safe haven law,” a parent or legal guardian can leave an unwanted child under the age of 19 at any hospital without fear of prosecution. Now parents are dumping their kids in droves. 11 kids have been abandoned in the past 24 hours. Eleven! Just unbelievable.

A father left his nine children, ages one to 17, in an emergency room last night. Then an eight-year-old boy was left at another hospital at 5 PM and an 11-year-old boy was taken to the same hospital at 8:30 PM.

To date, 14 children have been abandoned under the safe haven law. Seven of those children were teens. Lawmakers said these cases illustrate a problem many feared when the law was passed — that parents might be tempted to abandon teens not because of any real danger, but simply because they can’t control them.

Do you think these parents should be prosecuted? Could you ever abandon your own kid?

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