1. Joanna said:

    These are excellent images and completely capture the truth of the current American political situation. Team Obama.

  2. jin said:

    beware the legion of marginalized repugnicons who take offence to seeing the TRUTH before their very own brainwashed eyes.

    imagine how HORRIBLE it would be to live with the TRUTH that their ignorance “elected” the worst US-president in history, their complacency led to a war in which thousands of US soldiers and tens of thousands of innocent civilians were murdered for oil and their pitchfork economics nearly destroyed their economy.

    the TRUTH is they are 17 – 22% of the poulation, they are desperate, they are watching their historical power base being whittled away as thinking-moderates jump ship and the demographics of their country mean they will be MINORITIES for the rest of their lemming-like lives. no wonder they’re terrified, they’re going the way of the dinosaurs and even they know it.

    the TRUTH shall set us all free from their shackles, thanks for posting this – pardon the rant.

    progressives forever,

  3. thelemonspank said:

    Oh Mike.

    Yes. The Chappaquiddick incident must have made McCain cheat on his first wife Carol. You’re right. She should have seen it coming, especially since these 2 events have absolutely NOTHING IN COMMON. Have you confused McCain and Ed/Ted Kennedy?

    This image was inspired by TRUTH – a lying, cheating, power hungry, opportunist accidentally fell over and had his dick land in a money-bag, starry eyed, politic-whore, Cindy. Conveniently, her Daddy’s dollars also paid dearly for McCain’s failed campaign. For your own education, I implore YOU to read: http://www.americablog.com/2008/02/john-mccains-trophy-bride.html Get your facts straight.

    Additionally, I have severe intolerance for cheating, which are MY personal FEELINGS about infidelity. He cheated, he cheated, he cheated. End of story. If he would cheat on his disabled wife – why would you trust him with anything? This is a man who only thinks about himself, has a history of lying careless behaviour. A real winner.

    How interesting that you have delivered an article about the NEA and their support of the Obama campaign. Generally speaking, artists are FREE to think, display and produce whatever image, depiction, creation suits their thoughts, feelings, opinions. I thoroughly enjoyed the artistic renderings that came about during the presidential campaign. As a matter of critical review and as an artist myself – I don’t believe for one second that any support the NEA provided to the Obama campaign in any way affected the outcome of the race; although it certainly gave the public something more visually stimulating than say…http://hisvorpal.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/palin-maverick-ad.jpg or the incredibly savvy and enlightened Joe Six Pack.

    Bold to ask WHY the NEA became involved in this political duel, having steered clear from such things in previous lifetimes. Perhaps the organization had finally been COMPELLED to action?? Compelled to side with a party looking out for their best interests?? Tired of sitting on the sidelines watching their country fall apart??

    Please, please tell me about manufacturing consent. Do we DARE use those terms and NOT discuss the obvious manipulation of the American media machine?? It’s laughable that you raise the NEA and NOT raise oh say…Fox television?? Hello? Public persuasion via the media much?

    Obama won. Understand? In any race, there are winners and losers. I’m sorry that your battleship was sunk and that you’re left clinging to floating jetsam somewhere in outer space, wondering how to put your feet on the ground since clearly discovering that everything you bought into, what was fed to you – was a house of cards, built on lies and propaganda.

    I can’t help but wonder why you feel it necessary to comment on my blog at all? Did you think your random piece-mealing and sadly weak effort would cause me to change my mind? Switch shoes buddy, educate yourself on something called: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_will

    I’m a dual citizen of Cda & the U.S., for my U.S. family, their future, their benefit – I VOTED in the last election and WE are extremely happy with the outcome. I don’t know you and mostly, I don’t care what you’re thinking. Save it for your own blog.

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