Monthly Archives: September 2008


Lopped off limbs, fins, tails

Thrown back into the murk to drown

Bleeding, writhing, crying, agonizing

Gouging, piercing, torturous, unnecessary

Ruination, careless, thoughtless, conscienceless

Disgusting, incessant, unceasing greed

It will all come to naught.

We foolish, flagitious, wretched beings


I watched “Sharkwater” last night. I sobbed for almost an hour.

I am going to DO something.

I’ve been waiting a year for a signal towards my next charitable endeavor;

Animals can’t save themselves from us – only we can save them from ourselves.

I’m sickened by what I learned.



Poll: Green Party running second in BC to Conservatives

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The latest election polls in British Columbia show the Green Party making a big surge. The Angus Reid poll also puts the Liberals last–at least in B.C.

The poll results are surprising for some, and can’t be good news for Liberal leader Stephane Dion. The question that was asked: ‘Who would you vote for if an election were held tomorrow?’ In B.C., 36% favour the Conservatives, 26% would vote Green, 24% percent like the NDP, and the Liberals would get just 13% of the vote.

Mario Conseco from Angus Reid says the Liberals have never polled that low in B.C. in recent history. “The Liberal vote in BC has been remarkably stable. We have either 27 or 28 per cent in the last elections from 1997 to 2006.”

Conseco says the controversy about leaving Green leader Elizabeth May out of the TV debates did a tremendous job of boosting her profile. A poll found 66 per cent of Canadians felt it was unfair to ban her from the TV showdown.

Conseco says the latest poll results are good news for Green candidate Adrian Carr, who is facing long time Liberal Hedy Fry in Vancouver-Centre.