much obliged indeed

I am thankful for
having love & being able to give love
for family and supportive loving friends
for the wiggling jigglet in my belllllay
for sunshine & fresh air
for freewill & applying it in a positive manner
for the scent & sound of the ocean, trees & flowers
for compassion, for curiousity & experimentation
for laughter, tears & the occasional flash of anger or fear
for grace & the willpower to progress
for strength & determination to achieve
for history, myth, science & theory
for poetry, music, theatre & the arts
for forgiveness, adaptability & perseverance
for cappuccinos, dessert, cheese & warm bread
for shoes, soft knits, high boots & individual style

1 comment
  1. jorees said:

    We are also much obliged to have you in our lives Sarah. Best wishes to Marco, your family, and belle baby-to-be!

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