Sweet moses and the throat apostles – leave us alone!!!

Sure I’ve broken every commandment,  I don’t follow the word or the path, 

I don’t sport a particularly long beard or don flowing linen robes,

And it’s true, I sleep-in on Sundays… 


Cut a sinner some slack…for the sake of the holy one inside me.


but listen up prophets,

I’ve never sacrificed a lamb or smited an evil-doer,

  1. John the Baptist said:

    “… for the sake of the holy one inside me”

    ROFLMAO! Jumpin southern fried Jeebus on a pogo stick, you got a real grand opinion of yourself don’t you?

    Never done anything good or praiseworthy in your life, yet that miserable misbegotten whelp in your belly is holy? Those must be some good drugs you are on lady…

    • thelemonspank said:

      Oh dear, have I pissed on your double fried Bible? Did I subconsciously write this just for YOU to read & respond? Jesus must have told you so. I guess the spirit of the holy father possesses you to trawl the internet, hiding under your glorified Baptist meme, insulting unborn children and complete strangers. Now that sounds more like Americanism than Christianity…Heaven forbid there be humour in the world – God never laughs. Familiarize yourself with the many types of afflictive or negative emotions, recognize the usefulness of compassion and curiosity. Go check with your Pastor, I’m sure she/he will be very proud of this example of divine spirituality you’ve demonstrated. Way to win your way to the golden gates.

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