Monthly Archives: November 2008


Yes I do think I saw an alien, once.
Yes I do love losing myself in an evening of crazy activities with crazier people
Yes I do revel in having feminine wiles
Yes I am that girl who used to dance on top of the speakers when I was underage and clubbing
Yes I did once throw a beer bottle at a guy in a club – he deserved it
Yes I have been in a fist-fight, hair pull, all out cat fight with a girl, once
Yes I do love dressing up and feeling hot when I go out
Yes I am a serial long-term relationship girl
Yes I do believe I’m rather cognitive
Yes I did carry pepper spray in my purse for years, and used it, twice
Yes I do enjoy reading about science more than spirituality
Yes I do love punk as much as hip-hop as hybrid as electronica as opera as oldies
Yes I am that girl who used to wear baggy jeans, tight tops and a boyfriend’s jersey
Yes I do feel addicted to coffee…good brain-tazing coffee
Yes I do believe I can do anything
Yes I may say I don’t give a sh*t when really, I give a lot of sh*t
Yes I have broken hearts
Yes I am a fashion and shoe whore
Yes I did run a marathon
Yes I cannot stand the smell of Jack Daniels, baked beans, nor body odour; altogether would be abominable
Yes I was rebellious and am now self empowered
Yes I have dabbled with alternative lifestyle choices
Yes I am still open to everything, once
Yes I’m getting older but who’s counting?

Mr. SF


former Mrs. SF, now Ms. JF (again)

even though your tree didn’t grow through many seasons after the leaves fell

you’re both quite amazing people, incredible friends to me, terrific parents to baby-L & wonderful to have in my life

and so, a message to you both….