…the Ram of death!!!


Starring: Marco, myself & the Ram of Death.

And it was around midnight, I was seriously annoyed and extremely tired. The 2 girls sharing my room were nattering about this & that, preventing me from catching the serious shut-eye I so desired. The place? A boarding school. Location? A time zone other than PST.

Pissed, I climbed into bed, stewing, staring at the night-sky outside of our shared window, wishing they would just shut the hell up. Without warning the inky darkness suddenly turned to eerie daylight, within minutes, shining a whitish-grey light that could only be described as the type of light you would see rimming the heavenly orbs during an eclipse. Shadows seemed longer, leaner, the sunlight was terrifying, promising destruction.

I jumped for the window, tore open the curtains and felt every fibre of my being go rigid. People were filling the streets, screaming, tearing at their hair and skin, crying out, “The sun doesn’t just rise! What’s happening?!! ARMAGEDDON IS NIGH!!”.

Horrified, convinced of certain and total annihilation, all I wanted to do was talk to Marco. Scrambling, I threw my suitcase contents about, desperate to find my cell phone….because surely the apocalypse wouldn’t affect my cellular services. Then I remembered, Marco would be sleeping, I wasn’t in PST, should I wake him & tell him we were all going to die? Would he believe me? I hesitated….of course he would want to know – I had to call!!

I dialed his number, lifted the cell to my ear. He answered, sounding tired and peeved that I would wake him up…he didn’t know what was happening yet!! Before I could start explaining our certain extinction, there was a popping sound. And all sound became null in one mighty vacuous void. I screamed emptiness, ran to the window and looked up to the heavens.

Shimmering into existence for all eyes to see, was the outline of a giant ram. Resembling a hybrid between the common symbolic Ram representative of Aries – crossed with the style of lion found on the flag of Richard the Lionheart. This giant Ram hung, shining in the sky, for about 10 minutes before fading away to nothing.

When the Ram disappeared, all sound came back. I could hear screaming, wailing, cars crashing, buildings burning and everything horrid. But most of all, I could hear my heart beating. We were finished.

And I woke up thinking how weird that I would have seen Aries – when everyone knows that Sagittarius is the harbinger of the end of the universe. Psssh, come on now.


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  1. BOURNE said:

    The text in red. Word? I can haz death and destruction?

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