How to learn a new language

1. Are there new grammatical structures that will postpone fluency?

2. Are there new sounds that will double or quadruple time to fluency?

3. How similar is it to languages I already understand? What will help and what will interfere?

4. All of which answer: How difficult will it be, and how long would it take to become functionally fluent?


  1. Mike said:

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    • thelemonspank said:

      thanks mang! badangalanglang!

  2. jorees said:

    Hi Sarah,

    Yes learning a new language is a bitch. Some people take to it like a fish to water and others like myself struggle and seem to regress in intelligence with each new world of vocabulary gained. I like the illustration you have used. I think that some of my ex boyfriends now in their 30s are resorting to similar pickup lines.

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