Monthly Archives: March 2009

5:15am – 6:30am:
Sqwaaawk, roll, trudge, gather, bundle, bewb, tuck, bed, zzz

Ehhhmmm, roll, trudge, gather, bundle, bewb, tuck, couch, zzz

Squidge, squirm, kicks, wakes, gather, diaper, dressings’n’socks, keeses

Wrigglet, kicks, grabbins, scoops, Fishy, Zizzerzazzerzuzz



Cryptic-toc goes the ciphered clock,
time passes by my obscurities locked.
Past transgression once questioned,
I began the compression of my daily confession,
with indirect expression and coded discretion.
Now I can’t change my estranged exchange
without limiting my range
for poetic license, so in defence I condense
the immense intense suspense of my 2-cents.



The Sharjah Biennial opened on March 16th in the Arts and Heritage Area of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and will run until May 16th. The Biennial consists of three components with the main exhibition taking place in the Sharjah Contemporary Art Museum, curated by Isabel Carlos, and titled “Provisions for the Future.” This segment explores the connection between the search for happiness and the utopian state in humanity as a contributing factor to its dislocation. The second component is the Performance and Film Program, “Past of the Coming Days,” curated by Tarek Abu El Fetouh, partially taking place in The Calligraphy Museum. Additionally, the “March Meeting” draws together art institutions and professionals from around the world for an annual meeting which affords visitors the possibility to connect and discuss future collaborations.


For the past 18 years, the Biennial has enriched contemporary art presentation and practice in the region and has proven to be an integral ingredient in the cultural expansion taking place in the UAE. The ninth installment of the Sharjah Biennial provides a fertile ground to discuss the cultural challenges this Emirate must confront in the face of globalization.