the snowstorm

Maternal ferocious emblazoned anger psychology supportive protective spiteful compassionate empathetic sympathetic strength empowerment guidance courage direction directionless pathology mistrust mistruths repetition lies conclusion


When the snowstorm was over, disgraced solitude settled on his shoulders like the weight of a thousand mountains; there was no shovel in sight. He was to remain in the broken down shack, shoddily constructed, frost encroaching through the cracks, with nothing but his silenced remorse.

She crept from the forest with spring in her step, following the path of new growth and new promise. Realizing the season for change, quietly she smiled as the sun shone upon her, providing a comforting warmth. Winter had passed.

1 comment
  1. Michelle said:

    I LOVE YOU!!! You are so poetic, wonderfully fantastic and precious to my heart. I hope that spring has sprung & a new season is upon us. xo

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