Monthly Archives: July 2009


THIS, adumbration of glim which turns out to be winsome. THIS, cajoling. THIS, I can censure in detail by conditioning. THIS, an amassment of quiet novelties which often interest me.

ELSE, a fascination with a pillowcase of marbles left by the open door. ELSE, a pulpit split in half, not an easy thing to accomplish. ELSE, a severed tongue and a pillowcase of marbles left by the door to throw at whores in the street howling past midnight.

KNOW, when I’m even, paying proper attention to sanity. KNOW, a diffidence about things that can be done to the body. KNOW, oh you’re so nasty.

With an icy finger pointed at my head, she recites me this paean. I roll onto my back, pawing the ball of yarn.

You'll Get Tired of it

Lil-she-she & I will be getting the jet outta here & spreading ourselves around the homeslice from July 25-Aug 4. I make no promises to blog whilst busy dignifying, tottnobbing & queen waving. I also make no promises not to not blog. Not. Naught. Knots.

Do your best to stay placated, here are some suggestions of wacktivity ~
– clean your filthy stilettos with a toothbrush, then wear them out all lustrous-like
– rearrange your gitch drawer by flavor, via taste testing every pair
– paint one fingernail for every day I am away, all ten digits will be coloured by my return (*think advent nailpolishing*)
– write me a note describing your insatiable love for bruised knees & how you acquired said bruised knees

I might miss you. Like the smell of fine, fine diamonds.