“Yesterday upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today, Oh how I wish he’d go away.”

There is a very strange phenomena that occurs to people once in a while that most might write off as a just a “weird experience” but when looked at closer, weird may not be the word.

One morning my best friend Jason Korbus was on his way to school when he stopped off in front of a carry out. At the same exact time he saw what appeared the be his mother pulling up in her car. Thinking he could possibly catch a ride from his mother, he noticed something was a tad bit strange. For some reason she would not make any eye contact with him nor acknowledge his presence. He examined the car and it seemed to be the family car, and he watched his “mother” again which seemed to match her description 100%. Jason recalls trying to communicate with his mother at one point, but she ignored him as she got back into the car. After he returned home from school, Jason approached his mother and asked her about earlier that morning, but Jason’s mother assured him she had not been to the carry out at all that day.

That is usually how these stories occur, people noticing exact doubles of loved ones, themselves or family members. A lot of times things happen as they did in Jason’s story, people noticing doubles that totally ignore them. But there are stories that go beyond a person noticing a double, what about when that double does interact with you?

Imagine that you are waiting for your significant other to come over for dinner. You get a phone call that your lover is going to be late and 5 minutes after you hang up there is a knock on the door. You open up the door and to your surprise, s/he is standing in the door way. Excited you let him/her in but something is different, nothing to big, but enough to know that something is off.

For instance they may wear their hair different, or the way they dress is inappropriate for the occasion , their dialect is slightly different maybe from an earlier era, facial expressions seem out of sync with their emotions and the eyes seem to reflect a nothingness inside.

After you noticed something just isn’t right, you excuse yourself and go outside for a bit of fresh air. After a couple of deep breaths a car pulls into the driveway and your love steps out. Scared and confused of what’s going on, you can tell this person is the real deal, you tell the story of what is going on. When you go back inside the mimic is nowhere to be found.


What are these things? Well they go by a couple names, most commonly called the Doppelganger or spirit mimic, and it is believed by some that they are a type of inhuman entity that for some reason or another takes the form of an already living person, causing it to be a look a like or double.

But why? Well this question is a bit difficult to answer because the truth is we don’t know. Some believe these entities are trying to have a human like experience, or perhaps they are up to something much more sinister and evil.

In some stories spirit mimics are said to not have shadows and they cast no reflections, it may be an offspring of vampire folklore. They are often considered a bad omen and it is said if one see’s one of these mimics casting a projection of a friend or loved one something evil may be in the works, such as a serious illness or even death of the real person the entity is mimicking.

A British Author by the name of Thurston Hopkins actually referenced what seems to be a doppelganger. In his words “They are creatures who have strayed from some unknown region…They dress like us, pretend they belong to mankind, and profess to keep our laws and code of morals. But in their presence we are aware that they are phantoms and that all their ideas and actions are out of key with the general pitch and tone of normal life.” (Quality Press, 1946)

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