Monthly Archives: October 2009

The only truth we ever face is our own. The decisions we make, actions we take, words we utter, feelings we host, memories we keep – all a matter of perception, all subject to continuous deconstruction, renovation, evolution, revelation. Is it important to talk through feelings, negative/positive, to understand the source of emotional in/output, on any/every topic? Is the conversant weaker/stronger by attempting to understand themselves if the conclusions reached are influenced via singularity or multiplicity? If shared, the perspective of the recipient is affected, swaying through projected perpetual emotions, can any conclusion be a matter of factual certainty? No one has to accept anything from another, we do so from a place of caring, a common desire to share in life’s experiences. If the experiences shared no longer promote an exchange of positivity, consider the weight of emotion, roles played, and value of continuance, circumspectively, consequentially – aspiring to respect perspective, before defining outcomes. Reflections are only appreciated by the viewer’s translation.


Pretending to be cleanly prim, propriety has been replaced by a diminutive, less ornately distorted tart; not askance and ante capricious. Their bitty voices are dehydrated and their tidy manners agree; another sip is necessary. Truth is something they can provision, rashly rationing irrationalities, altering the altar. Predatory prayers for lunch.