Monthly Archives: February 2010

if the chronology of asylum

is where your habits build

then you are fastened via hook and eye

hooks in eyes

as far from immunity as from sight

where the reflector through which women

see the daughters of their mothers

when they look for themselves

in which they hide opinions

and their children

can only judge such worth

by what told observation bestow

propagating whole eras of glass castles

worn wounds tucked behind silk robes

hey you with your tact lack
your had-glad pack
and your rock (crack)
this isn’t a buffet
or a heyday
for bent you says
a sad poli-con
voice long gone
war un-won
I see you’re solo
flow borrowed
or so the song goes
but wait – you’re so ‘hard’, (ooh-ya-ya-ya)
rhyming ya against ya doesn’t qualify you, mozart
them pickins be well, kinda kindergarden
I’d prefer to see you pushing the limits of vocabulary
if the big words are ‘hard’, check out a dictionary
oh ya, you didn’t write it, you just bite it
much like your style, it’s paid for, right?
your fake everything is played out & trite

I sure hate to burst your ego
smash your castle (of lego)
deliver low blows below the belt yo
we catch ya later on the chart slide
when your free ride goes nose dive
when you contrive a fat revive
only to find
a closed narrative
fringe living on the outskirts
intentions divert, name dirt dirt
evolutionary revert