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Andy Livingstone Field will feature Brawl, a staged two-hour evening performance by the artist collective NORMA, dramatically lit by field lights normally used for sporting events. Tying in ideas of sport and spectacle at the crossroads of two contrasting areas of the city, Brawl will highlight the fine line between violence and theatre. Extending the collective’s interest in exploring group identity, public space and collective behaviour, their choreographed and scripted performance will include texts and actions.

NORMA’s work draws from diverse sources, including visual and performance art histories, popular culture, and social behavior.

Vancouver based collective NORMA members are Vanessa Kwan, Diana Lopez-Soto, Josh Neelands, Christy Nyiri, Pietro Sammarco, Erica Stocking, and Kara Uzelman. All members of NORMA are undergraduates of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (now Emily Carr University) and all have individual practices.

NORMA’s work often deals with aspects of group identity and draws from diverse sources, including visual and performance art histories, popular culture, and social behaviour. NORMA’s performance, installation, and text works have been exhibited/performed in Vancouver at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Access Gallery, LIVE Biennale of Performance Art, the PuSH Festival, grunt gallery, Front Magazine, and in a 2003 group exhibition/public project at Artspeak entitled Expect Delays.

Where: Andy Livingstone Field, Carrall St. and Keefer St. (Google map)

 When: Wed, February 24, 7 to 9pm

The bakers were not scheduled to start shift until six o’clock but the bread had expanded so much lately it had become increasingly difficult to see the oven’s glow, revealing from where the warm leavening occurred. They did their best, flouring the fingertips, cracking stiff knuckles, grasping the tip of a rolling pin, readying for the bakers battle; really just a metaphor for basic necessities and living conditions in general. And that evening the bakers played god, considering formulations, ingredients and the measurement by volume, endosperm-this and symbiosis-that. By morning the unsuspecting millions topped toast with butters, nut or otherwise, completely oblivious to the mechanics of cultural maintenance, behind the breakfast table.

aquarian indulgence, submerge into depths. wading in cool waters,

droplets falling from her fingertips, filling an empty swimming pool. her head

haloed by a viscous tangle reflecting the sun, her slender shape leaning starboard

to the sea. she’ll slip under, she’ll resurface, clutching wet sands, capricious as

the tides. lanky girl in summer shading, swishing, shoulders grazing her

limitations. seasick from seagoing, ship sinking, retching over the side.