I never ever ever give a care about the weather cuz the weather doesn’t care about me

In 1578, large yellow mice poured from the skies over Bergen, Norway.

In January 1877, the prestigious Scientific American recorded a rainfall consisting of snakes that measured up to about 20 inches long in Memphis, Tennessee.

In February 1877, a yellow, flaky substance fell in Penchloch, Germany. The substance was reportedly thick, had a fragrance, and came in the shapes of arrows, coffee beans, and round discs.

In December 1974, during the course of several days it rained hard-boiled eggs over an elementary school in Berkshire, England.

In 1969, it rained flesh and blood over a large area of Brazil.

In 1989, wooden dolls with heads that were burned or cut off fell from the sky over the town of Las Pilas, Cantabria.

In 2007, it rained small frogs over Alicante, Spain; and spiders rained down in Cerro San Bernardo, Salta, Argentina. A reader of The Epoch Times took a photo of the event.


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