Monthly Archives: April 2010

Vents in the dwelling, occasion apperceived, at no time noiseless
The likeness in the glass amenable, the likeness in the oriel shifting
Cursorial from expanse to scope, recentness of the teeming roar en modicum
Turret and steeple hold rights for her body, a toothpick amidst burning matches
Struck with a knot round a finger, harkening unsteady release
Immaterial keys to unlocking doors, errupting into raw breath

captured by rain, the blue is helping her escape

sangre azul, a blueprint she can’t read

the veins in her body, taut, taught and the beryl

lightning an instrument of punishment or selection

the blue exploding, opposing old poesy

lightning inspired eldritch dread, impeccably reasoned

fiery bolts, keranography, pareidolia

magician’s incantation, inside these blue veins