Monthly Archives: May 2010

the furrowed flaw that murmurs on your lips
and argot writhes awkward prosaic, near fervent
oh how we rue
our suggestive spirant smoldered out
unnamed nights outraced, unwon
like a pulpous prelacy, arrogantly perverse
a riposte casing — skin and prickles
wavering and uneasy
the sabulous shroud of seclusion

“The implants of the future will be powered by the energy sources already inside your body. Last week we saw scientists take a step toward this vision by developing a transistor that used the fuel from our cells (a molecule called ATP). And now, a French team has announced the development of a fuel cell that can use the glucose (sugar) inside an animal to produce electricity. Their paper is available free at the journal PLoS One.”

“The great benefit of these systems would be that they are long-lasting and self-sufficient: Who wants to sit around while a pacemaker recharges, or be cut open so its battery can be replaced? That kind of durability, however, remains a ways away for these biofuel cells.”


Alicia + Swizz, sitting in a tree, locking ring fingers and makin babies!

Those wonderful things that you do
They got me feelin’
In love with you
In love with you
That loving you this easy
Comes so naturally
Loving you this easy