“an awareness that something is bad combined with an urge to withdraw from it”

oh poor you cry, pull out your eyes
wander bloody & blind
screaming out “why”, “poor me, why!!!”
your bullshit lies, your twisted disguise
what have you, no reply?
failure, fail, failed tries,
I surmise surprise at the endless guiles
aye, bye bye you mind-fried, many a pity sighed
man defied, he who denies the shit storm self applied
SO done SO tired, SO………..
rhymes with cry, move on to a new word like………….
OH no! Happy
Happy you may find me, sitting a rainbow
Watching my love grow
for the man you DO NOT KNOW
doesn’t matter what your insecurities show
truth don’t flow, this no-go, my no-mo, although
keep up the gameshow, it’ll plateau, you’ll outgrow weak-shelled mollusk
find a new shell, acquiesce a new stress, dressed like a man?
right. who’d pay to receive such spam, email littered,
you lowly embittered weakling
what’s worse is I can’t publish so boldly, loudly proclaiming
my disdain, for your refrain from adulthood, I swear
meet me in the quiet of night and motherfucker
I’ll show you the truths misunderstood, your bullshit reckoning
at my fist. got the jist?


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