Monthly Archives: June 2010

saturated in these embrace tangled tastes
as if they were made of risks or a pyretic trance
and this cumulation of jumelled lifetimes
crush contemporaneously heated
an unintentional sublimely devised parallelism
we can penetrate situational nowadays and subsequent hereafters
like the dawning and the eventides
assuming the firmaments are shining, we repeal our hang-ups
of foregone eleventh-hours
denying unwrit songs and half-graf’d stencils
until the congregated moments form cynosure
and paragon portrayal of inevitability

THE eccentric known as The Mole Man, who spent 40 years digging a 60-foot network of tunnels beneath his £1 million Hackney house, has died without repaying the £350,000 of taxpayers’ money he owes the council for saving it from collapse.

And town hall chiefs, who re-housed William Lyttle in a top-floor flat,
have been landed with an even costlier repair bill after it was discovered the oddball pensioner had carried out some of his unorthodox “home improvements” there, too.

The 79-year-old had knocked a huge, tunnel-shaped hole in the dividing wall of the living room and kitchen of the flat in St Lawrence Court on the De Beauvoir estate.


Some of us are cool while some of us have demons some of us are fools and most of us are dreamahs and we skip thru the waves as they crash on the shore and we all misbehave and we all ask for more. Left standing at the fringe of the altered and the right do you really think you’ll be home tonight?