Monthly Archives: July 2010

Me thinks a street vending taste off challenge is a good idea. My stomach is already saying no but my inner-glut is saying YES!

Launching July 31 – across the city – calling out to your tiny waist, calling out for your waist to expand – the Vancouver Street Vending carts roll on out and open for biz.

– East Side of 200 Howe St – 100 metres North of W Cordova St: Chinese Dim Sum
– South Side of 400 W Georgia St – 12 metres East of Richards St: Korean food with meat and vegetarian options
– North Side of 700 W Cordova St – 14 metres East of Howe St: Burritos, whole wheat, rice, beans, sauces, fillings
– East Side of 700 Homer St – 20 metres South of W Georgia St: Chicken salad with lettuce, tomato. Fruit cup with melon, kiwi and mixed fruit.
– East Side of 700 Hornby St – 22 metres South of W Georgia St: Southern BBQ, Rice, Veggies
– South Side of 700 W Georgia St – 20 metres West of Granville St: Traditional Chinese and Japanese Cuisine
– South Side of 900 W Hastings St – 24 metres East of Burrard St: Skewers of beef and pork
– West Side of 1100 Burrard St – 28 metres South of Helmcken St: Greek Donair
– West Side of 1100 Burrard St – 25 metres North of Davie St: Modern Satay Barbeque
– South Side of 2000 Beach Av – 30 metres West of Chilco St: Fresh squeezed Lemonade
– East Side of 600 Granville St – 50 metres North of W Georgia St: Fresh Bakery
– West Side of 600 Granville St – 95 metres North of W Georgia St: Healthy meals and snacks, roll ups, sandwiches
– East Side of 6400 Cambie St – 20 metres North of W 49th Ave: Specialty noodles
– East Side of 1300 Main St – 12 metres North of Terminal Ave: Falafel
– West Side of 1100 Station St, or West Side of 400 Burrard St: Authentic Italian stone ground pizza
– West Side of 1200-1300 Arbutus St, or North Side of 1000 W Georgia St: Fresh and frozen fruits, chocolate dipped fruits
– West Side of 1400 NW Marine Dr, or East Side of 800 Hornby St: Central European foods from Poland, Russia, using local organic products, borscht, schnitzel

This bag of bones is weary, wiry, writhing, writing
Un-vernal, reaping from within, seeds shattered
Walked upon, trapped under the permafrost of possession
A vexing, tarry smattering of cracked lips and burnt out hollows
Raked of discretionary prestige, erosion wicked suffrage