eek-a-mouse posturing

That kitten had been lurking, who knows from where. Burglarizing cream from the breakfast tea, an act she relishes and never does unskillfully. The stirring spoon clangs beneath her paws; she sniffs it and considers it’s many uses. Crème theft is a pursuit she can justify, fastidiously.

While the kitten peers into an empty cup, the Cat says, we should have a chat. Everything is in disarray. There are ripped window screens, scratched rugs and fur strewn about the kitchen. Look carefully, thinks kitten. How will you decide what to do first?

Distracted, kitten wonders what it would be like to be at sea. If a tea serving would still comfort her. Would she gaze at the unfamiliar walls and yearn for the sight of home? Already daydreaming too much… she ought to be finished with the litter. But the things she ought to do are forgotten. Just as she forgets her own mouth sometimes, panting like an uncouth pup.

And so kitten makes her way, finding the door left open. Cat is watching from the window and feels the shadow coming before spotting kitten running across the lawn. It used to be her tail that reached out but now her tail is tucked tightly around fixed legs. Felines are wandering beyond this point.

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